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Men’s Clinic Johannesburg is a male sexual health specialist clinic located in Sandton Johannesburg. We are professional & knowledgeable in our craft and have helped South African men with the most sensitive issues facing men. The issues are mostly neglected or pushed to the bottom of the priority list in today’s health care system.

At Men’s Clinic Johannesburg we provide our clients with the following products & services:

We use natural organic products with no side effects, complications and results are permanent.  We are based in Sandton, Johannesburg. Visit us today for a consultation.

Our team are highly trained and qualified to serve your needs. We pride ourselves on the success of our patients and guarantee that everyone will leave our office satisfied.

Premature Ejaculation

The Men’s Clinic also specializes in treating Early Ejaculation(PE).

Do you reach orgasm sooner than you or your partner would like?

Call us to schedule a consultation and find out which treatment best suits your needs.

Call today to schedule a consultation guaranteed to provide you with answers and effective options.

The Results Do The Talking.

“Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.”

“Very professional and attentive to my needs and exceptions. Always courteous”

“Works perfect for me, much better than injections and surgery”

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Why Us?

For the Best Men’s Sexual Health, You Need a Specialist With an Exclusive Focus On Men.

All Male Staff | Herbal Treatments With No Side Effects & Safe | Experts In Men’s Health

Most men are embarrassed talking about sexual issues. Making the conversation even more uncomfortable for many men is the fact that most medical offices are staffed by women and more often than not, the physician or medical provider is a woman. At the Men’s Clinic we have an all-male staff in an office setting specifically designed to make a man feel comfortable and safe.

Call now for an appointment +2779 680 0770

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What does Mens Clinic help with?

At Men’s Clinic Johannesburg we help our clients all sexual health problems i.e Weak Erections, Early Ejaculation, Low Libido, STIs or Circumcision, Penis Enlargement and more.

What is a male clinic?

The Male Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic dedicated to men’s health conditions with a focus on physical and mental sexual health.

How do I contact a man's clinic?

Men’s Clinic Johannesburg contact number is +27 82 487 5965(Whatsaapp). Send us a email at We are located at 22 9th Ave, Edenburg, Sandton, 2128 call and visit us soon.

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