5 Ways That Exercise Affects Your Sex Life

If you needed another reason to hit the gym, regular physical activity is shown to have positive effects in the bedroom.

Exercise has plenty of amazing benefits. It improves your memory, prevents disease, and helps manage your weight.

Being active is a potent aphrodisiac for both women and men.

Below I list 5 the benefits of exercise in your sex life


  1. Working out makes you feel sexy.

You know that feeling when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the gym mirror and think, “Damn, I look good!”

Well, that confidence comes with you to the bedroom. Regular exercise helps improve self-esteem.

When we personally like how our bodies look, we’re more likely to want to show them off to our partners.

Being active leads to a more positive body image. This can raise self-esteem and make people feel more sexy, confident, and attractive and thus more likely to engage in sexual activities.

This self-confidence boost comes at any size. If you’re moving your body regularly, you’re on the right track.


  1. Exercise enhances your sexual performance.

As with any form of physical activity, being in good shape helps you perform at your best. A frequency of various intimate activities, the reliability of adequate functioning during sex, [and] percentage of satisfying orgasms.

For women, the perks are similar. Exercise increases physiological sexual arousal in women. This means that after a workout, these ladies are more likely to be turned on than those who haven’t exercised.


  1. Physical activity reduces stress—and stress is a mood killer.

When you’re stressed, your body reacts in many different ways and your libido can suffer as well. Stress causes your body to produce more of the hormone cortisol, which over time can decrease your interest in sex.

Because exercise is known to produce feel-good endorphins and lower cortisol levels, working out reduces stress and, in turn, helps maintain a healthy sex drive.


  1. Working out improves blood circulation.

Cardio exercise is good for getting it on. Aerobic exercise such as vigorous walking, jogging, swimming, or biking improves your circulation. This is a key factor in sexual response – good blood flow also decreases the likelihood of erectile dysfunction for men. Sexual activity is an entire body experience, so it is important to keep muscles, blood vessels, and nerves performing at peak levels.

  1. Strength and flexibility help with sex positions.

If you practice yoga regularly, chances are you’re more flexible than most. This is a good thing if you want to try different positions in the bedroom that are more…acrobatic. When it comes to simply having the body strength to hold certain sexual moves, toned muscles come in handy.


Things to Remember

While exercise affects your sex life positively, too much can have diminishing returns, If an individual is too physically exhausted, generally overworked, or stressed, [they] may not be able to sexually perform at an optimal level.

Plus, how exercise affects your sex life also depends on your age and physical condition.

Sticking to a regimented exercise program has the greatest long-term benefits to one’s sex life. Because just like any other form of physical activity, consistency is key.


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